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Tunnelvisions - "Tanami"

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Dutch production duo Tunnelvisions come through with sprawling, psychedelic, and vaguely exotic breed of house music that I'm digging a lot. Looking forward to whatever else they're slated to drop later in the year.

Father John Misty - "Who Loves the Sun" (VU Cover)

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Fava Bean Pepsi has contributed to Mondo Boy's soundtrack for the film Shangri-La Suite with a cover of "Who Loves the Sun," the opener of The Velvet Underground's final (shut up) album Loaded. His rendition is spot-on and turns up at the 2:59 mark of the above stream. If you dig the vibe of the track, I guess you can just keep listening to the rest of the tape - Foxygen's Jonathan Rado covers Loaded cut "I Found a Reason" at about 22:22 too.