The Needle Drop

Zombie Juice - "Lava"

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Zombie Juice of Flatbush Zombies goes solo (sort of) here on this new single "Lava." The instrumental isn't the hardest banger Erick has ever produced, but Juice's energetic flow and unique voice carries the track and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I don't know if he or the Zombies are gearing up for an album, but this sure sounds promising.

milo - "magician (suture)"

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Everything that impressed me about milo's previous album, including Kenny Segal's intricate production, is in full force on this latest single "magician (suture)." The stuttering vocal edits in particular might be the coolest production trick I've heard on one of milo's projects yet. His new album, who told you to thin??!!?!?!?!, drops August 11 via Ruby Yacht.

Olga Bell - "Special Leave"

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Glitchy singer-songwriter Olga Bell has a new EP out called America, which takes its name from and includes three different mixes of the closing track from her 2016 album Tempo. But the highlight of the set is the non-album cut "Special Leave," which features one of Olga's most stunning vocal performances and a complex, polyrhythmic dance beat.