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Young Fathers - "In My View"

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Young Fathers have just announced the release of their third album, Cocoa Sugar, through Ninja Tune later this year. Yes, the Edinburgh trio is back, and I'm just stunned thinking about the artistic progression the trio has undergone to get to the point they're at with this new track, "In My View." It was only five years ago when I was praising Tape One and Two, a pair of creative lo-fi hip hop EPs with splashes of soul and West African music thrown in..

Two albums later, there's no mistaking a Young Fathers song – the chilling synthesizers, foreign rhythms, soaring vocals, and abstract rap verses all add up into an experience that's both fiery and contemplative. Check out the new music video for "In My View" above, and look for their new record on March 9.

Mount Eerie - "Distortion"

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Mount Eerie has shared the lengthy lead single from his forthcoming album, Now Only. "Distortion" lives up to its title right out of the gate and suggests that this will perhaps be the Ocean Roar to A Crow Looked at Me's Clear Moon. The songwriting is also sounding more Kozelek-inspired than ever, down to the details about a one-night stand Phil had many years ago. Exciting to hear him further develop this candid approach to lyricism.

Now Only drops March 16 via P.W. Elverum & Sun.

Slugdge - "Putrid Fairytale"

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The UK metal duo Slugdge is set to drop it's fourth full-length album in 2018, and this newest record is looking to be one the project's slimiest releases yet. As you may have already noticed from the title, much of what the band does is slug-themed (I think it's specifically giant space slugs, but don't quote me on that). However, don't let that weird narrative gimmick distract from the fact that Slugdge is one of the more versatile bands in the metal underground right now. Their sound is an even, seamless blend of progressive, death, black, and sludge metal--not something a lot of bands can pull off effectively.

While there are moments when I wish the production were a bit grimier, or that the vocals were a bit more distinct, Slugdge has got my respect. I mean, to be honest, the teaser track from this forthcoming record of theirs kicks the ass of nearly every cut from the new Mastodon album. That's gotta count for something, right?

The album's titled Esoteric Malacology, and is set to come out March 2 via Willowtip.