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Ariel Pink and Added Pizazz- "In the Heat of the Night" | MP3

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Growing in popularity due to his recent album Before Today, Ariel Pink is setting to release a new EP this year, too. It'll be released on July 9th via Free Dope and Fucking In the Streets, which looks like a makeshift label produced just to get bloggers and various media outlets to publish articles saying "Free Dope and Fucking In the Streets."

Apparently, the release will only be available during Pink's forthcoming summer tour, but I'm sure the internet will fix that. The songs feature collaborations with the avant-jazz outfit Added Pizazz, and download one of 'em below:

MP3: Ariel Pink and Added Pizazz- In the Heat of the Night

Did you enjoy this song? Did you enjoy Before Today? Did this track live up to your expectations? What was good / bad about it?