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New Tracks From Procedure Club | MP3

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If I had to do a trust fall with a record label, Slumberland would be on my shortlist of reliable outfits. They recently signed a duo from my home state of Connecticut, Procedure Club.

I feel like the potential for more Connecticut bands to break out into the independent limelight has just increased significantly, and I applaud these guys for taking a great step in that direction.

As far as style, Procedure Club produce some pretty hazy, sweet drum machine pop with reverb-heavy female vocals. Not instantly infectious, but certainly hypnotic and enjoyably disorienting. Think of Black Tambourine with a softer touch.

Grab two tracks from their new album, Doomed Forever, down below, and you already know where to grab it:

MP3s: Procedure Club- Feel Sorry For me Procedure Club- Rather

What did you think of these tracks? Shoegazy enough for ya? Could this mean big things for the CT music scene?