The Needle Drop


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So now that the site is back up, I figure I might as well re-post what had been lost on the day the music died: my submission for a mixtape battle I had with Aaron of TSURURADIO. Y'all might have heard what a psychopath that guy can be, and I wouldn't be surprised if he blew my website up in order to in the competition. We might need to do a followup, and make sure things are fair and [ ]. Maybe get a ref in on the action, I dunno. Things did get pretty heated when I invited Aaron on my radio show.

Anyway, this is Aaron's submission if you'd like to review it, but once again, here is mine:

Side 1

The Babies- Meet Me In the City Minor Threat- 12XU Wire- Practice Makes Perfect (70s Peel Session Ver) Weave!- Mouthpiece Hysteria Jay Reatard- Hammer, I Miss You Crystal Stilts- Love Is A Wave Sorry Excuse- This Magic Moment Vivian Girls- No Mount Eerie- Domesticated Dog

Side 2

King Khan and the Shrines- In Your Grave The Dynatones- Fender Rock Gentleman Jesse and His Men- If I Can See You (You're Too Close To Me) Awesome Color- Flying (Single Ver) Screaming Females- Buried In the Nude This Robot Kills- Heavy Mayonnaise Torche- Tarpit Carnivore Sunset- I'm Not A Perfect Person (Looks Like I Fucked Up Again)

Is posting this the equivalent to throwing a punch at an opponent who has left the ring, or is this more like punching a bro when his back is turned? Do you think that's how Aaron will feel? Will re-posting this mix bring up bad blood between the two of us again? Am I endangering our current "good term" status?