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Try Band In Heaven | STREAM

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My Needle Drops, I bring you a shoegaze duo that's in the midst of demo stages right now, but still brings a lot to the table.

The Band In Heaven sports a strong pop sensibility, and they make sure you hear it. It's a trophy standing on a pedestal of guitar distortion and feedback. The sounds can be pretty punishing, but there's a blissful, mind-numbing quality to their music, too. It could be likened to dream pop, but sleep is the last thing on my mind when this is on.

There are some definite gems in the handful of tracks the project has assembled so far. As rough as it is, their cover of the Cranberries' "Dreams" rivals the original. The song "Summer Bummer" goes into rougher territory, and brings visions of amplifiers turned up to eleven and bursting into flames. The "cleanest" song among them is "Suicide Pact," which sounds like a Raveonettes-esque duet, and features lead guitars from a member of Surfer Blood.

Give a listen to the 6-track demo below, and download it at their bandcamp: