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Black Metal's New Frontier ‡ MP3

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What better way to celebrate the post-Independence Day season than to mourn the lives lost for this land? I'm not talking about the United States' battle with the British in the Revolutionary War, but the countless acts of aggression carried out against Native Americans who were here long before us.

This is the primary focus of Frontier: A new MA black metal trio with plenty of energy to burn. Their sound maintains a harsh tone using relentless drums and sharp guitar distortion, not the facade of an intentionally lo-fi recording. This music aims straight for the gut, and is made from the salt of Black Metal's Earth.

Frontier has just released a four-track demo, but have plans to put the finishing touches on a new album this year. Download two songs from the demo below:

MP3s: Frontier- Wasteland Nation Frontier- The Scalping of a Continent