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Calibro 35- "Five Dolls for an August Moon" ‡ VIDEO

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So far, we've featured Italian musicians twice on the blog this week. That's a lot more than usual. This outfit is much different than the previously blogged Dumbo Gets Mad, though.

Calibro 35 are instrumental funk phenoms, generating soundtrack-ready bangers fans of the Budos Band can dig. "Five Dollars for an August Moon" is a quirky mix of jazz fusion and surf rock, and showcases some schmaltzy organ. It may a little left-field, but blast this in the car on the highway and tell me it's not good.

The video above samples scenes from the film Bullit. You can download the track below, and stream another from the band:

MP3: Calibro 35- Five Dolls for an August Moon

Stream: Calibro 35- Hired To Kill