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Room E- "Glasses Girl" ‡ MP3

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Meet San Diego music producer Room E. This project runs like a musical chop shop, melding numerous ideas together into a blissful, sunny piece of magic.

"Glasses Girl" moves with a heavy-footed hip hop beat, but the synths sliding over it speak a different language. The synth bass sounds like something that hasn't been in heavy usage since the 80s--with the exception of DâM-FunK, of course--and airy chords breathe like accordions above the mix for a really seductive effect.

The bubbly guitars sound like they take some cues from some classic funk, and subtle samples color the whole track with some real replay power, too. Grab the track below, and look for Room E's latest release, Palms Together, on his bandcamp page:

MP3: Room E- Glasses Girl

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