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The Young Maths- "Fingered On the Dance Floor" ‡ MP3

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Behind every great song is a great groove. "Beat It," "Soft Pyramids," and "You Wanted a Hit" bring a deep appreciation of rhythm to the table, which is why people are dancing on top of it.

Texas' the Young Maths care about percussion, too. They don't beat you over the head with it, but it does play a vital role in "Fingered On the Dance Floor." It's the final track to their new EP Thank You, Goodnight! We Are..., and sports some nimble musicianship. Tight guitar licks interlock like Tetris blocks with an off-kilter bassline. The fevered vocals and hectic ending give the appearance of chaos, but this track fails to derail--not even for a second. Call it a controlled demolition.

Fans of Q and Not U, Maps and Atlases, and the Dismemberment plan have an eighty percent chance of getting down. Give a listen:

MP3: The Young Maths- Fingered On the Dance Floor TND TIP: BIG MUSIC SOUNDS BEST ON BIG SPEAKERS.