The Needle Drop


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Between Baths, Teengirl Fantasy and the "Chillwave" movement, bedroom beat music has been getting a lot of positive press. It's not the most amazing music to walk the planet, but a lot of these solo and duo projects tend to have an eccentric edge, which makes them stand out for me. Maybe it's the isolation that comes with working in small numbers, and not having to sacrifice an artistic vision for the sake of another band member--don't mind me stipulating, though.

PEPEPIANO is certainly cut from this same cloth. "NO WAY," is the project's latest single, and features a slow tempo and dreamy, fuzzy sound quality. I was about to cast it off are messy until the track restrains itself at 1:53 with some haunting chords. Give a listen and let me know what you think:

Stream: PEPEPIANO- NO WAY <a href="">NO WAY by PEPEPIANO</a> -