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Sea Oleena- "Island Cottage" ‡ STREAM

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Canadian singer-songwriter Sea Oleena released and album of self-recorded demos back in April, and titled it Smudges. The acoustics on the recording are a little rough, but the vocals and serene songwriting stand past any restrictions the recording might have put on them. The music on Smudges has now been remixed as as self-titled album, courtesy of Sea Oleena's very own brother, Felix Green, who produces quite a bit of music himself.

"Island Cottage" is one of the most skeletal moments on this new album, and favors atmosphere over filling space. The piano and subtle studio tricks are a real treat, making the track something worth exploring again and again. Stream "Island Cottage" below, and grab the album on a pay-what-you-want basis at Sea Oleena's bandcamp.

How do you feel about this song? Did it put you to sleep? In a good way? Did you have a dream about anything cool? Did the vocals feel like a breeze on your ears? -