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Sufjan Stevens- "I Walked" ‡ MP3

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Just last week, I gave Sufjan high praise for the release of All Delighted People. The release's massive size, nice price, and extravagant instrumentation was the perfect formula for an 8/10.

Following this, Sufjan announced a forthcoming LP: the Age of Adz. It's slated for an October release via Asthmatic Kitty, and you can download a track from it right here.

"I Walked" is a sedate drum machine ballad. It's builds slowly, placing one thin layer of vocals over another until the song is a gargantuan choral group. The reverb is almost reminiscent of dub reggae; at first, I thought I was going to be in for something along the lines of Vampire Weekend's "Diplomat's Son."

That assumption didn't come into fruition, but the song didn't end up any less impressive. Give a listen:

What did you think of this track? Are you looking forward to this new Sufjan LP? Will it meet your expectations? Allegedly, the rest of the album is supposed to follow a similar electronic approach. Does that make you worry? Get you excited, maybe? What state do you live in, and should Sufjan Stevens write an album about it? -