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The Wicked Witches of the South ‡ STREAM

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Fans of home recording know the name R. Stevie Moore. When it comes to capturing the magic of bedroom rock, few have a discography that measures up to his.

Moore is involved in a new project, Wicked Witches of the South. The collaboration is completely internet-based and also features Régis Laugier of HIFIKLUB, Mike Watt of Minutemen Fame, and Frédéric Landini of Get Back Guinozzi. So this might quality as a self-recording supergroup.

The band has officially streamed their first song on their new website, and click here to check it out. It's somewhat of a introductory statement to the band, repeating "wicked witches of the south" in the lyrics, and playing with some broom-esque noises in the percussion. -