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Weird Wives / Band In Heaven Split ‡ MP3s

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A while back, we talked up an up-and-coming shoegaze duo by the name of Band in Heaven. They have a digital EP floating around the internet, and they've just laid two tracks from it on a new split with the band Weird Wives.

The band is a side-project from the boys in Surfer Blood, and can only be described as being a mutant piece of grunge punk. On the two tracks they bring to this split, the band showcases some rough guitars and creepy vocals. "Wet Blanket" trudges along eerily, while my personal favorite, "Head Bugs," sounds something like a Cramps 45 spun at 33 1/3 with the volume turned all the way up.

Dig on the split below. If you like it, snag it for 3 bones on the Band in Heaven bandcamp.