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Ridiculous picture, I know. However, this post is completely made of serious business.

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon or a brain scientist to figure out I get a lot of e-mails from music fans and musicians, asking me to put my ears to something. And though it takes some extra effort, the up-and-comers always drum up something that blows me away every once in a while.

One of the best tracks I've heard all year, hands down, came from Italy's Dumbo Gets Mad. I gave the solo project's premier track, "Plumy Tale," a 9/10 without batting an eye. DGM has just released a new track via the blog / label Bad Panda Records, and I'm enjoying it almost as much as "Plumy." The title is "Electric Prawn," and it's slightly less fuzzy than its predecessor, but still carries itself like a day tripper. The swooning female vocals are a nice touch against the thumping percussion and quirky guitar chords. The mix is loaded with all sorts of phantom noises that lace everything together nicely, and the keyboards add a lot of color, too. Download the song below, and check out "Plumy Tale" if you haven't heard it already:

MP3: Dumbo Gets Mad- Eclectic Prawn

Extra MP3: Dumbo Gets Mad- Plumy Tale -