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So as many of y'all may already know, I'm not a huge fan of Salem. Plus, part of me feels like this whole "witch house" thing is gonna go down the same path as chillwave: It'll produce a couple decent albums, and its notable musicians will showcase their talent by separating themselves from the pack by succeeding in other projects as well. Just look at good ol' Alan Palomo. The Neon Indian frontman is becoming a real monster of underground dance music.

So just to prove that I'm not a grumpy old curmudgeon--which is a word only a curmudgeon would use, ugh--I'm gonna endorse a "witch house" outfit I think is worth watching: oOoOO. The project is from the West Coast and the sounds are pretty sweet and eerie despite some crude production. oOoOO has some got some singles and a great music video floating around YouTube, too. There's an oOoOO EP on the way, and you can dig on two tracks from it below. It's out next week on Tri Angle Recs.

MP3s: oOoOO- Hearts oOoOO- Burnout Eyess -