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Weekend- "Coma Summer" ‡ STREAM

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New York's Slumberland Recs has a long history of landing some of the loudest and most distorted bands in independent music. The legend starts with acts like Black Tambourine, and the tradition continues today with one of their latest signings, Procedure Club.

Weekend is loud as hell, too. The band's upcoming LP is Sports, which is due for release on 11/9. We posted a track from the LP last month, but I felt it might be a little misleading. That song, in fact, is as catchiest and most accessible moment of the entire album. The rest of the tracks range from almost formless masses of reverb and distortion to no-nonsense noise rock.

This track, "Coma Summer," is the latter. To me, it sounds like something you'd get if you slapped a little more sonic muscle on to a band like Beach Fossils. The harsh, shrill guitar sounds almost to a point where they're too much to take--it couldn't get more exhilarating, really. Stream the song below, and let me know what you think: