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Xasthur Reissued this Month ‡ MP3s

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Enemies List is a CT-based label that doesn't get enough credit. There aren't dozens of albums in their discography, because they're more about quality than quantity. What few albums they have released include underground essentials from NAHVALR and Have A Nice Life, and they'll be adding another great release to their store on Sept. 30th, too.

The album is Xasthur's Defective Epitaph. It'll be the first time the album has ever been on vinyl, and the LP is only seeing a print of 600 copies. That's it. Alongside Subliminal Genocide, this album is one of Xasthur's most defining moments; bringing depression, despair, and suffering to new lows. Though Xasthur's story ended with Portal of Sorrow, the music lives on.

Listen to two tracks from Defective Epitaph below, and scope the pre-order page here.

MP3s: Xasthur- Oration of Ruin Xasthur- Unblessed Be -