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Deerhunter Tracks That Didn't Make Halcyon

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When a band preps a new album, tracks get left on the cutting room floor. It happens.

The two tracks below didn't make the American version of Deerhunter's latest LP, Halcyon Digest, but they did make the Japanese version. They were uploaded to soundcloud by Some Kind of Awesome, and you can stream both of 'em below:

I don't think it's a surprise these tracks didn't make it onto the album, though. They're instrumental, electronic, and flutter about in a dizzying fashion. They really don't fit into the straightforward and poppy aesthetic I ranted on and on about in my review of this album. Enjoyable to listen to, but certainly would have derailed the vibe Halcyon had going on.

What do you think of these tracks? Love 'em? Why? Should they have made the cut?

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