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Free Album: Al Lover's Creative Controlled

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We've talked this guy up before, and maybe we're a little sorry about it. His moniker is Al Lover. A while back, Al released an ambitious remix project, splicing and mashing numerous artists from the Woodsist record label into a giant megamix. Hearing lo-fi psychedelia crossbred with hip hop beats was quite the treat, but spreading word about this project only resulted in its eventual removal.

In response to the requested take-down, Al has released a new mix titled Creative Controlled: A new set of beats and loops set to the theme of copyright. Loads of vocal samples throughout the 30-minute piece argue for the freedom of artists to build upon, copy, and remix another person's work. No matter what side of the isle you're on with this issue, the music is pretty catchy. Download Creative Controlled below.

ZIP: Al Lover- Creative Controlled -