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One Hello World: An Interesting Concept


I know this blog is usually trying to chase the latest MP3s or music videos from the hottest indie buzzbands out there today, but let's take a break to enjoy an interesting concept from the tumblr account One Hello World.

He idea is simple and posted on the front page:

Leave me a voicemail and I'll write music behind your narrative. Call it a soundtrack to your thoughts.

Somber music with even more somber stories. It's not anything the heavy hitters in post-rock haven't brought us before, and it gets me thinking of the new Books album, the Way Out, too. However, there's something about the concept of anybody being able to contribute that makes it so intriguing. Think of it as a sonic version of the ever-popular PostSecret.

Give a listen to a couple of my favorite tracks below.

Streams: One Hello World- My Bucket List One Hello World- Coming Out To My Family -