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The Shivers- "Love You Like A Dog" ‡ STREAM

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The Shivers are a New York outfit I was introduced to by an associate of this blog, Brian Rowe. The band is currently recording a new album, and their frontman Keith Zarriello recently released a solo effort: Truants From Life. That album's currently being offered via donation.

The album above, unfortunately, has not been officially released--and it probably never will be. Right now, it's a Shivers LP that sits in limbo, but it's somehow made it onto file-sharing sites and blogs around the Internet. Some of the songs on it are pretty stunning, bringing the longing and despair that's always been presents in the Shivers' music to a new high. Not many moments on Sunset Palms get sadder than the one below. Brace yourself for an emotional impact:

Stream: The Shivers- Love You Like a Dog -