The Needle Drop

Church Of The Very Bright Lights- Words ‡ VIDEO

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I've been hearing all this jive about some infighting with the Canadian band Women, and it's got me bummed--especially considering how great their new album is.

I'm sure this will all pass, but as we're waiting for that to happen, here's a kind word on a Women-related project: Church Of The Very Bright Lights. The group is lead by singer-songwriter James Cullen, and two members of Women--Matt Flegel and Chris Reimer--back it up on drums and bass on the song featured above. The music is pretty sleepy, but there's something bleak and hypnotic about it that basically forced me to post it.

Church Of The Very Bright Lights' latest album is Gang Crimes, and you can get more info on it here. There are two downloadable MP3s over there, too. -