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Huntronik- "TV Says It's Dark Out" (1st Draft) ‡ STREAM


Huntronik is a NY duo I've been sharing a few e-mails with recently. Their music is a little messy, but it's way too detailed to be completely unplanned.

This draft, or demo, of "TV Says It's Dark Out" opens with a thick guitar and struggling vocal that caught me like a Mount Eerie track immediately; but it doesn't take long for the aesthetic to change again and again. A jagged rhythm and robotic bass bang and pump like a machine as the instrumentation becomes more and more human with swelling synths underneath.

All the weird sound effects and clown-like laughter make this track feel more like a fun house than rock song. It's a trip. Give a listen below:

Stream: Huntronik- TV Says It's Dark Out -