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Crippled Black Phoenix- "Bastogne Blues" ‡ STREAM

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The band Crippled Black Phoenix features members of numerous underground mainstays, but don't call them a "supergroup." Apparently, they don't like that.

They released a new album back in September, but it somehow slipped by me. It's titled I, Vigilante, and is the group's fourth studio album. Stream a favorite of mine from the album below, "Bastonge Blues."

Considering CBP doesn't care much for making a fuss over their members or related projects, they probably don't care much for comparisons either. I'm still gonna make a go of it and say this track reminds me a lot of Godspeed You! Black Emperor; however, I'd say that comparison is pretty obvious. I, Vigilante doesn't keep itself penned into that idea, though. There's a lot of progressive, blues, and psychedelic rock sounds coming through on this new record, too. I'm hoping this will grow on me a bit in the coming week.