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The Babies- "Run Me Over" ‡ MP3

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This past year, the Babies released two singles. I liked one a lot, but the other didn't do too much for me.

But this was to be expected. The band's two leading musicians, Kevin Morby and Cassie Ramone, come from two very different bands: Woods and Vivian Girls. I was confused as to how this musical marriage would work.

I thought this project would stumble right out of the gate, but this first track from their forthcoming album has me a lot less worried. "Run Me Over" has some great boy/girl vocals and shimmering guitar. The drums hit hard, and the energy level is high. It has that noisy chaos of Woods psychedelic side, but incorporates the strong garage sound the Vivs have to offer. It's the perfect compromise I was waiting for from this band.

The Babies' first album will be self-titled, and is due for a Feb. 8th release via Shrimper. I hope the rest of the album is this boss:

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