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Uphill Racer- Captured Moods ‡ STREAM

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After blogging a track of his back in October, Uphill Racer has kept me up on his various music exploits. It turns out that he's pretty prolific, and isn't afraid to shift from one style to another without hesitation.

The latest Uphill Racer album is a compilation of soft, instrumental miscellanea that should relax just about any mind. This thing is packed with light, atmospheric sounds, and most of the tracks are cut just before the two-minute mark. Kind reminds me of an album I dug earlier this year.

The LP's title is Captured Moods, and it's streaming in full via the Uphill Racer bandcamp. If you dig on it, it's downloadable via a pay-what-chu-wanna-pay-bro basis. Enjoy:

Stream: Uphill Racer- Captured Moods -