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New Black Metal Project: Dødkvlt ‡ STREAM

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Over the past week, I've been exchanging e-mails with Lord Theynian, the creative mind behind the Finnish black metal project, Dødkvlt. In April of last year, Theynian dropped his full-length debut, I, on Ewiges Eis Records, and he's already gearing up to drop II this year.

To me, the project sounds like some pretty straightforward black metal, but Theynian says he's had some misinterpretation issues:

"My lyrical themes are mainly of Satan and his various incarnations and forms. Death is also a common theme, but definitely not suicide/self-destructiveness, atleast not of my own, cause I see self-destructiveness and weakness as an opposite force to the strength that is Satan. I have been mislabeled as DSBM far too many times due to lyrical misintrepations and the melancholic nature of some of my compositions."

The drums are thrashy and the guitars are pumping out good riffs. There's a lot of great keyboard work in the mix; plus, there's a lot of be said for Theynian's recording chops. Dig on a track from I below. The title roughly translates into "In the Swirl of Burning Shafts of Purgatory," I think.

Be on the look out for II this spring. Also, check out this Dødkvlt interview at Don't Count On It.

Stream: Dødkvlt- Inn I Virvelen Av Brennende Sjaktene Av Skjærsilden -