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Ayatollah- "Waiting For A Miracle"

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New York hip hop producer Ayatollah has the kind of resume PR folks tend to attach the word "legendary" to. I'm not sure if designing the beat for Mos Def's classic tune "Ms. Fat Booty" gets you into the hip hop hall of fame, but it's definitely something worth noting.

When he's not producing for East Coast MCs, Ayatollah is prolifically releasing instrumental albums like a madman. Fingertips, from what I understand, is his 9th. His love of soul the "boom-bap" rhythms haven't waned at all over the years, and the track streaming below proves it.

"Waiting For A Miracle" has a soulful vocal sample mixed with some distorted riffs to back it up. I love how the vocal is looped and chopped into a drone on the word "miracle." It's pretty mesmerizing stuff.

Fingertips is out today via Nature Sounds.

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