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Premiere: Stream Dødkvlt's New Split

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In the middle of January, I wrote about  an up-and-coming black metal project from Finland, Dødkvlt. Last year, Lord Theynian--the band's lone member--released a full-length debut with I. The sequentially titled II should be coming out later this year, but in the meantime, Dødkvlt is putting out a new split with Goats of Doom titled Deathcult ov Doomgoat via Ewiges Eis Records in the next couple of months. The details seem a little cloudy at this point release date-wise.

What isn't foggy is the amount of progression Dødkvlt has undergone since the release of I. Theynian has actually told me the music on this split was recorded after the creation of II. The guitar and drum production are pretty impressive for a one-man project, and the song structures are undeniably ambitious. The longest of the three songs on Dødkvlt's side of the split reaches thirteen minutes, and nearly every track is peppered with melodic guitar solos, keyboards, and lyrics praising the dark lord himself.

According to Theynian, the entire split follows a similar storyline, despite the fact two different artists are producing the music. It could almost be called a concept album. Here he is on the story the music he penned tells:

"The story begins with a prophecy of Satan's (note: referring to him in the lyrics also as "God") arrival to our world. 'Hear this prophecy: We must sow the doom's seed, deep within this soil, deem yourself eternally loyal.' His followers eagerly await for his coming."

Dig on all three Dødkvlt tracks below in this premiere:

Streams: Dødkvlt- Prophecy Dødkvlt- Dusk Dødkvlt- Doom Sower -