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Timber Timbre- "Black Water"

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Back when my blog was bumpin' in '09, Timber Timbre was one of the most interesting projects I had come across that year. It's all masterminded by Canadian songwriter Taylor Kirk. He's got a voice that's equally beautiful and odd, and most of his tunes take an eerie approach to timeless pop and folk music. "Black Water" is the first single to drop from Timber Timbre's upcoming album, Creep On Creepin' On, and I'm really loving it. The bouncing vocal reverb, worn out chorus, shy piano chords, and the ending build of instrumentation make this an album I'm highly anticipating.

Creep On will be released via Arts & Crafts on 4/5. Hit up the pre-order now and get a single for the track streaming below. Nice!

Stream: Timber Timbre- Black Water -