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Here We Go Magic- "Hands In the Sky"

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A new track from New York's Here We Go Magic. If you remember, last year's Pigeons got a pretty positive review. It had a few rough spots, but I really admire where this band is going with their sound. The light, krautrock-ish textures are a fantastic fit for the gentle songs the band develops.

"Hands In the Sky" comes from the band's forth coming release: The January EP. It's actually out May 10th through Secretly Canadian. Confusing, I know.

What I'm not confused on is my joy. The vocal melody here progresses masterfully. Yes, masterfully! I love the subtle synths that build in the background after the first verse. The guitar hangs softly in the background, and adds the perfect amount of texture.

This thing comes off reserved, but it's no less gorgeous for it. Dig on:

MP3: Here We Go Magic- Hands In the Sky

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