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Holy Ghost!- "Wait and See"

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And another track drops from the forthcoming, self-titled Holy Ghost! album.

"Wait and See" is pretty different from the odd dance "Do It Again" was doing, but it's still a big win in my book. My ears are watering at the thought of hearing the rest of this LP. That sounds gross, I know.

The hook here is catchy as hell, but the vocals and production make it all seem so effortless. The drums snap, the vocals are straight and to the point, and the synths take on several different forms in the mix. This thing not only hits hard, but it shimmers, too. You can always count on DFA Records for good production quality.

Yeah, DFA Records! That's where this album is dropping. Look for it on April 5th, and scope "Wait and See" below:

Stream: Holy Ghost!- Wait and See -