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Mac Miller- "I'll Be There" / "Donald Trump"

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In my SXSW travels, I ended up meeting Boston MC Reks. It kinda developed into a long hip hop conversation, and I eventually asked him what shows he was going to. Out of all the rappers he listed, Mac Miller stuck out in my head.

As popular as the guy is, he's got a lot of negativity following him, too. I'm not sure why. The fastest answer you'll get from a hater is that he "sucks." However, even when he puts out a song I don't like, I can't go to that extreme.

Though I'm not in love with him, what appeals to me about Mac's music is that he chooses good beats, he's got a great flow, his personality is poured into the music, and he acts like himself. His music is completely devoid of posing or a smoke and mirrors routine. For me, coming off fake is the only mistake you could truly make in hip hop. Mac raps about shoes, weed, family, and girls because that's what he knows about. I guess I just don't get the hate.

Mac has a new mixtape out titled Best Day Ever. Click here to find a download of it. Dig on two tracks from it below:

MP3s: Mac Miller- I'll Be There Mac Miller- Donald Trump -