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Mono/Poly- "Forest Dark"

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A while back, I took on Mono/Poly's debut album, Paramatma, in a video review. Overall, though the LP has some great ideas, it kinda spread itself thin by concentrating its efforts on a plethora of different sounds--you know, kinda like this.

But that's just all my opinion anyway.

Mono/Poly is releasing a new EP on 4/5 via Brainfeeder. The title is Manifestations, and from the sound of "Forest Dark," this thing could be a beast. Another issue I had with Paramatma was that it lived in the shadow of FlyLo a bit. You could simply say the two sound alike, too. But on this track, Mono/Poly really starts to define his own sound with some warm swells of synth and glitchy-as-freakin-hell beat production. Fry your brain:

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