The Needle Drop

Raekwon- Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

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As much as it pains me to say this, there's not much about this new Raekwon album that excites me. The beats attempt to copy the trademark RZA sound, the rhymes are decent at best, and the features are simply alright, too. It's pretty obvious that this release makes little to no attempt to push itself past anything Raekwon did on his previous album, which is sad since Cuban Linx II was a pretty ambitious release.

I'm sure Raekwon hasn't lost his footing or his ear for a good track. This thing seems like a mere transition between Cuban Linx II and Rae's next big project. It could be Linx III--he does hype it in the lyrics, after all--or something else. Who knows? I'm sure brighter days are ahead either way.