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Spirit Spine- "Ocean of Sand"

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Spirit Spine is the home-recorded journey through the outsider sounds of psychedelia, kraut rock, ambient music, minimalism, and dream pop. The sounds on "Ocean of Sand" sort of remind me of Parts & Labor's previous album Receivers, but this project's influences run much deeper than that--just look at them listed on bandcamp.

And though the sounds on this LP may jump around a bit, the storyline is pretty consistent. The only member of Spirit Spine explains via e-mail:

"The album was conceived as a kind of narrative soundtrack to an imaginary film about a preacher whose airplane crashes in the desert where he must wander seeking civilization. "Ocean of Sand" is the part of the story when the preacher crashes into the desert."

With that image in your head, dig on "Ocean of Sand" below:

MP3: Spirit Spine- Ocean of Sand -