The Needle Drop

Download Lento's New Album

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This is some heavy doom right here, and the only thing better than heavy doom is free heavy doom. (Edit: Yeah, it could be "Sludge," too.)

Lento hails from Italy, and tends to keep their tracks completely free of vocals; allowing their deep, resonant guitar tone to rattle skulls and speaker systems. Some of their tracks do tend to get a little chug-y, but I figured you wouldn't mind.

On "Hymen," that slow guitar picking really drives me nuts. Anthony smash! Spoiler: It gets even heavier toward the end.

So, yeah, I said "free" earlier in this post, and that's true. You can download Lento's entire sophomore album, Icon, for free via Denovali. But if you love it, they've got some nice vinyl copies of it out, too, which can be found here.

Here is a tiny picture of the album cover for you: