The Needle Drop

Explosions In the Sky- Take Care, Take Care, Take Care


On their latest album, Explosions In the Sky gives the appearance of evolution with some added instrumentation: acoustic guitar, strings, hums, looped percussion, and other miscellaneous noises. However, the band hasn't really altered their playing style or sonic qualities that much. The mood has changed a little, but this is still the same band that brought All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. For some, that could be a great thing. Personally, it's left me really underwhelmed. Not only did I assume--a bad thing on my part, I admit--there would be some great change coming in the four years between this release and their last, but I'm not really a fan of many of the new sounds this record brings to the table. I'm enjoying some spots in the gargantuan post-rock anthems, but I'm struggling with hear an entire track without becoming bored or disengaged.

I'll just have to look forward to what these guys do in the future.