The Needle Drop

Foo Fighters- Wasting Light


Wasting Light is easily one of Foo Fighters' most consistent effort in their past several albums, but it's not resonating with me like I wanted it to. Chalk it up to the album just not being my style, I suppose. Still, I can appreciate a great studio sound when I hear one. The guitars here are thick and gratifying in a way that reminds me of some great Queens of the Stone Age tunes. Some of the harder tracks here--like "White Limo" remind me of moments from the Foos' first album!

Still, there's a bit of an arena rock flavor on this LP that seems a little out of character. It's not bad, but not exactly a return to form either. I'd be alright with it if it weren't for the relentlessly generic lyricism. I understand the topics music touches on can be a little cliche, but layering that with phrases like "you and what army" and "it's alright" only make things worse--not to mention it subtracts some authenticity points.

Overall, it's not a bad album. I enjoyed it while it was on, but don't expect to find gold if you're digging for a deeper meaning here. Only a few tracks are good for that. This thing is more appropriate for a loud and heavy rock out session on top of the couch with your favorite bandana and air guitar, for sure.