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Stream / Download the New WALSH EP

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Stream / Download: WALSH- Karaoke I was late to the party when it came to WALSH's first EP in '10, and I'm late again to enjoy his latest release, too. Am I surprised? No. But one of my kind 'Drops turned me on to this, so I have to give credit where it's due.

Allegedly, WALSH is the solo effort of the same man who has released music under the name Coolrunnings. He also runs things over at the label Dracula Horse.

WALSH's latest EP, Karaoke, is just as woozy and manipulated as his last. The sound does feel a little less lo-fi, making the beats hit a little harder and feel a little crispier. There are some essential grooves that hit on this thing, too. "I Drive the Pervert Van" is so danceable, it's worth forgetting the track's odd title, and "Birthday Girl" reminds me of the same Todd Rundgren groove Neon Indian sampled on "Deadbeat Summer."