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Stream the New Amon Tobin

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Amon Tobin's career as an electronic music producer has been long and fruitful, resulting in such albums as Permutation and Supermodified. He's not the largest figure in IDM, but certainly one worth noting.

What looks to be the guy's 7th album, ISAM, is getting dropped on May 23rd, and he's got in on streaming on Soundcloud for all to hear. But there's a sound oozing throughout this album that might make some old school ears go mad: Dubstep.

In an age of Burials and James Blakes--people who are experimenting with the genre's limitations--I'm hopeful. I'm listening to the LP now, and the sounds are pretty dang cinematic. Feel like I'm listening to an epically filmed sequence of explosions due to a meteor shower hitting the planet Earth.

Enjoy the LP for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.