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The People's Temple- "Jim Jones"

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If there’s any residue of sunshine in your soul, this stark single by Michigan gloom-garage rockers the People’s Temple, appropriately titled “Jim Jones,” will chill it down. Lead singer William Young manages to elevate this heroin-soaked street walk into something darkly charismatic. In the background, meanwhile, a dark psych riff echoes from the reverbed maw of what sounds like the Subway of Lost Souls. Hellhounds aren’t just on his trail, they're howling at his heels.

Still, a thin glimmer of hope remains with his chilling invitation: “When I build my home, would you share it with me?” It’s bound to be an experience, should you choose to accept it; this Temple is destined to gather legions of cult followers.

This track's 7'' is unfortunately sold out on Hozak Recs, but the Sons of Stone EP is still available. Watch an acoustic version here, and grab a download of the song "Sons of Stone" here.