The Needle Drop

TV on the Radio- Nine Types of Light

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On their latest LP bring a lotta tunes with little cohesion. There's a kinda shaky love song theme linking some of these tracks together, but it doesn't stop tracks like "No Future Shock" from jumping in out of nowhere. I enjoy quite a few of the tracks here, but for very separate reasons. "Killer Crane" has a fantastically blissful aura surrounding it; "Caffeinated Consciousness" is an in-your-face piece of funk rock that makes no apologies; and "Second Song" captures an emotional overload perfectly in the lyrics.

Though the instrumentation, production, words all have their strong points, there are only several moments where they all align as one to create something fantastic and memorable. "Will Do" is a shining example.

A lot of these tracks are great as on a single basis, but don't really impress me that much as a procession of tracks.