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Beat Culture- "Never See Me"

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On Beat Culture's Facebook fan page, it says this project is basically "just some guy making songz." It's a modest calling, but an honorable one.

I was suggested this young producer the the Up-Turn, and I'd like to thank them for reaching out.

Beat Culture is in a very interesting formative stage. He's heavily influenced by the kind of dubstep that makes people wonder why the term exists in the first place: Burial, James Blake, Scuba.

The genre's signature sounds are there, including the right tempo, sanitized beats, and even a chopped female vocal sample. But what grabbed me about this track is it's droning synths bring the tension up, down, and up once again over the course of "Never See Me." It's an interesting addition that isn't usually so prominent in the mix. This track dubs, but it drones about as much as it steps.

Beat Culture's latest release is a six-song EP titled Ginza Waterway. Stream the entire thing on Bandcamp, and here is the cover art:

Here's a remix of James Blake's cover of "Limit To Your Love," too: