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CIVIL CIVIC- "Airspray"

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As I mentioned earlier this month, CIVIL CIVIC is currently raising funds for the release of their next album. So far, it looks like fundraising has been good to them. The $5,000 goal is within reach, it seems.

The duo--trio if you count their drum machine box--has allowed me to post a track from the forthcoming LP, and I think it's safe to say these guys have really grown into a sound. Everything I've loved about their previous tracks, which includes fuzzed out bass lines, hard-hitting snares, and fuzzed-out production, are all year, and yet I'm digging in on an entirely different tracks.

I've always seen CIVIL CIVIC's track to carry a heavy dose of "badass-ness" with them. Though "Airspray" does have that, it's much more of an uplifting tune, with icy keyboards bouncing across a frozen sheets of thick driving basslines.

In short, it's kinda like this.