The Needle Drop

Liturgy- Aesthethica

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On Liturgy's latest album, the interplay and musicianship that made 2009's Renihilation so memorable are magnified with tons of syncopation and detail. Another great addition to this band's style is their use of swells and crescendos, and it's not in the cliche post-rock way that we're all so used to. This band's dynamics are a result of musicianship and performing as a cohesive unit, not a ton of sound effects throw in during post-production.

Outside of that, the chord progressions of this album are rich and melodic. It's a sweet counterpoint to all of the harsh vocals, guitar chords, and crash cymbals. The moments where tremolo-picked guitars are layered on top of each other only enhance the effect.

There are a few underwhelming moments, and a couple detours, but the album is pretty dang solid! I'm loving the sound, the style, and the songs.