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Mamaleek- "The Hypocrite & the Concubine"

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Mamaleek is an unlikely black metal project hailing from San Francisco. The band's two members are brothers, and they bring elements of noise and electronic drums. The occasional synth jumps in the mix, too.

It's got a gritty bedroom-recorded sound, and even though this thing is rough around the edges, it sounds somewhat toiled over. A light, fuzzy guitar distortion hazes over lighter bass drum hits on "The White Marble Stone," but things get heavier on "You Can Bury Me In the East."

On "The Hypocrite & the Concubine," the brittle guitars wrap themselves around a beat I thought was funny when I first heard it--especially considering that howling woodwind sound in the background. It's kind of like black metal hitting the Middle East. However, this has grown on me in a quick couple of listens. The chord progression is pretty enchanting once I'm able to hear past the harshness of the recording.

From what I've read, there are only 50 vinyl copies left of this bad boy over at Enemies List, so jump on this if you're feeling it.