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Man Man- Life Fantastic

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As many of you already know, my views in these reviews are mine and mine alone. I don't expect people to feel the same way I do about albums--whether my feelings are positive or negative. This "review" is on the new Man Man album, Life Fantastic; however, I think it might be more fitting to call this thing a personal adventure through falling out of love with a band's style. Man Man's sound has certainly changed since their full-length debut, and some of those changes have been or the better. I think one could argue the changes haven't been that grand, too. The thing is that I've changed a lot, too. Maybe my mind is just in a spot.

It's hard falling out of love.

Will you dig this record? Uh, I'm really not sure. I'm not sure if I ever will, too.

Review: Man Man- Life Fantastic

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