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Portugal. The Man- "Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)"

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When it comes to the Alaskan band Portugal. The Man, I'd say my fandom is very, very casual. I've only loved one of their albums, truly: Censored Colors. The rest just aren't my cup of tea, I guess. But I'd attribute that to the adventurous nature of this band. They're not forging new ground for music, but they're always testing their musical dynamics by embracing different musical styles. Plus, then they fall down, they get right back up with another album, releasing a new one every year since '06. Gotta appreciate ambition!

This track from the band's forthcoming LP is the first of theirs to seduce me in a while. Though I know David Bowie has been an big influence for this band, this is the first time I'm picking up it up in their tunes. It suits them pretty well, too.

The band has put out some 30-second teasers of other songs on the next album, too. Oh, it's titled In the Mountain In the Cloud. It'll be the band's full-length debut for Atlantic Records, actually. Look for it on July 19th.